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Originally Posted by X509

I wanted to check if there was any interest in a custom built subwoofer box for the X5 (E53). These boxes would be similiar to the JL Audio Stealthbox (JL Audio Stealthbox Custom-fit fiberglass enclosure with 10" W1v2 subwoofer Fits 2000-2006 BMW X5 at, without the price.

Enclosure would be made by MECP certified installers, carpeted, and complete with 10" subwoofer and mounting brackets.

Included subwoofer would be the Pioneer Shallow series (Pioneer USA - Shallow Series)

Other finishes, subwoofers, and packages would be available, depending on interest.

Pricing would start at $300+. We would be willing to send the finished product to a trusted member of X5world to verify quality and fitment.

Any interest in this?
I would be interested. So $300 includes the pioneer? What amp would you recommend, AND would you also be able to supply it? How do you think this stacks up to the OEM premium subs?

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