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Originally Posted by broknlgs24
no, i have not. in my experience though, i order thru their website.
the last 2 phones i ordered, both times, when i called Nextel, the
representative told me that they were sold out. so, for shits and
giggles, i went to the website and went thru steps of ordering them
online. low and behold, both orders went thru and my phones were
received w/in 3 days. plus, everytime i've went to a store, the store
prices always seemed higher. i still haven't figured that out.
I want to get it in my hands first. If it flys then I may order it online. But it seems that many of the cellular co's do that cheeper online thing also. The main thing is it needs to work with the X5 period. Getting it online then finding out it dosn't work and then having to send it back....... well it just seems a bother. I could buy it at the store, and take it back anyway then order it online if it works.
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