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E53 X5 upper black trim.. how to revive?

I've read about "Black Wow" and "Back to Black" for the vinyl. I'll try one of those. My current issue though is the black B & C pillar post trim adjacent to the windows. Its paint... I think. I Zaino the car's paint, but have always left the black trim to its own devices. Last detailing, 5 months ago, I Zaino'd the painted black trim too. Surprisingly, it really took a toll on the the black trim. It has faded dramatically and "splotched" significantly. It really looks bad now. What do I need to do to bring this back to factory? 3M Finesse It swirl mark remover? 3M compound polish? Steel wool? A mild polish.

And, once I get it back to factory ... so, do I just avoid Zaino'ing this trim, or should I protect it with something else?

Thanks guys!
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