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Beginner! Sapphire Black 3.0si

Been reviewing all of the invaluable posts here on this site before attempting my first detail, keep up the good work and thanks!

Man, it took me a good 8 hours and this was only just the paintwork! So I did the major part on the first weekend, the following weekend I applied the second coat of swissvax concorso. Unfortunately I did not manage to take photos starightaway and the pics you see are those taken a day or two later - so there is fine layer of dust already! Also the pics may appear a little blue as I have only had my new camera for only a few days and still learning all the different shooting modes (Canon EOS 50D SLR).

Equipment and products used:

Festool R/O ETS 150/5
Canon EOS 50D SLR for the pics
Festool Four flat 6'' Pad Kit
ArmorAll Car Shampoo
3M Masking Tape
Black WOW
Mint Foam Applicator Pads
Menzerna Final Finish High Gloss
Menzerna Power Finsih
Clay Magic Blue Clay Bar & 49 Shine
Mint Microfibre Super Plush Cloth (500gsm)
Meguiars Microwipe Chamois
Swissvax Cleaner Fluid
Swissvax Concorso

Sorry there are no before pictures. And as stated I have only managed to do an external detail and so there are no pics of the interior. Hope you enjoy and any further advice would be useful for me as a beginner!

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