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Thanks man. Yeh, I did go with the black handles. The doors for the X5 are big (plain) and I needed something to make it look "together" with the rest of the body.

However, I only did PARTIAL of the handles, leaving the "end part" of the handle with bodycolor. I'm still experimenting it to see if it look as "cheap" as the black handles on the low end BMWs. First impression is pretty ok, and I can take the black off pretty easier if I don't like them later on.

Yep, I might go debadge if I can't black the badges. But I'll need to keep the rear wiper for the kind of weather here.

They only allow tinking on the rear and back windows, so I didn't tint anything as it would look pretty stupid with uneven color of windows. And I've already lowered it by about an 1" all around with the H&R sprint kit.

Originally Posted by PersonaNonGrata
It looks incredible! It's very unique and the theme is great. It's not overdone either. I do see however, that you decided to go with the black door handles and upper hatch handle. The X5 and 4.6is emblems would look great in Shadowline but you could also just debadge. That would be a clean look. Oh, and perhaps a rear wiper delete.

I haven't a clue what the laws are in HK about tinting but a light to medium tint on the windows would look good. Lower that a little bit and I think your X5 would be complete.

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