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Originally Posted by KiwiJochen
How? AFAIK, only the ULF supports bluetooth.
But tell us what car and radio/nav you have so we know more.

I enable as much as I can. Voice commands works on ULF modules, I've not had much feedback on how it works with TCUs. If people help me with vehicke data/info then I can add more features.
I'm still new to this as well, sorry I did not provide more information. My 3/03 build 2003 330i ZHP has the HK/Navigation 16:9 (with CD not tape) running a modded version of the latest software. I currently have an earlier DICE unit hooked into the CD changer to run my 2nd gen iPod nano.

Let me run and grab the the links I've been doing my TCU research on. The later TCU units (as I understand) allow for bluetooth function without a ULF. The cost to install a re-manufactured unit from tischer and the necessary other parts run under $400, as opposed to $750+ going the ULF way...

Originally Posted by swaybar on m3forums
bought one two weeks ago (part # 84109195455)
didn't install it until today and guess what? it works !!
04 m3 prewired for phone, but with no assist and no bluetooth and no tcu of any sort (crap i won't get the $50 core charge return but fuk it)
plug n play install took 10 mins (bluetooth antenna/bracket/tcu/mic) and worked right out of the box with no dealer activation required
this is the newest bmw bluetooth tcu currently available
crystal clear reception with iphone 3g... no static, echo, or other bs i hear in other BMWs
paired in 5 seconds and transferred entire phone book it was too easy i swear i did not read any directions or manual at all
i love it!

cost break down of parts needed and ordered:

NEW GEN MIC................84316938762...........$23.82
BLUETOOTH ANTENNA..........84506928461...........$18.78
ANTENNA BRACKET............84136912160...........$2.97
RMFD TCU...................84109195455...........$321.2 2
TCU BRACKET................84136924551...........$6.13
Total............................................$ 372.92 (shipped FREE from tischer)
Having scoured many BMW boards and ebay every few weeks for someone parting a 13th gen ULF bluetooth kit since I bought my iPhone (almost two years ago) see'ing that post (linked through a post on e46 fanatics) really perked me up. Thats about 1/2 price of going the ULF way from certain websites that sell the ULF bluetooth kits...

In another linked thread on e46fanatics to it looks like someone has already been in contact with you about finding a way to activate voice commands on these TCU units.

Paging kiwijochen: we have a new NavCoder challenge for you...

While not being able to use voice commands will not keep me from doing this mod (as soon as I get the cash together) it would be cool to be able to activate down the road...

Originally Posted by KiwiJochen
No, because the "kit" insludes a hardware device with a microprocessor.
NavCoder allows you to change settings and reconfigure your car, it cannot magically make extra hardware and processors appear out of thin air :-)
I thought this might be the case as the site stated whatever they were selling needed to be installed, but I thought I might ask as I'm not fully aware of what all can be done with ibus. I might look at getting that unit later, I believe the price might come down as time passes and there are a few things that the unit can do that my car cant (yet) like fold in the mirrors...

Thank you for your time!


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