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Originally Posted by manormachine View Post
Sorry guys...I did not refuse to help
Never said you did, I said "maybe that's why he didn't want to help." not the same as refused, but you didn't offer either, but that said I do I wish you luck with eBay etc.

at least, before it will be free to download in every BMW community I wanted to make some not hate me for that.
I don't hate you mate, and it's no problem, I understand it's a lot of work to get right (I Know), I don't blame you for wanting a return on your effort, if people are willing to pay for it then good for you.

You guys may have noticed that you could make a lot of changes with the navtweak....but any changes you can not see right away, you have to burn a cd and upgrade this to your computer.
Indeed, I went through something like 15-20 cd images (more probably) to get it even close to what you had produced.

Doing it this way also make it take longer.

I run the OS9000 from the MK4 on a virtual machine, so I can make changes right away, it is a very smooth way to work on the MK4 OS.

Soon I will offer this know to run the OS9000 on a virtual machine aswell.
That would be fantastic mate, really a big step forward, I (and others) would really very much appreciate that.

I have also noticed that some of my images are on ebay.....well...I do not care.......
Its the way of the beast my friend, I've seen loads of stuff I've done used to make others money, but such is life

I do it for the challenge.
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