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Detailer's Domain: 1998 540i Sport/Lusso

This was my customers daily driver that's in great mechanical shape however the paint was another story. At pickup the car looked cleaned but after further inspection at the shop I noticed a ton of sap on the car as its parked outside under a tree. Sap was on the paint as well as all over the windows. Let's say we threw out a the clay bar after this one. The car has never been properly polished in its 11 years on the road. So I went at this one with Power Gloss, PO203, and finished with PO85RD, since I haven't been giving Lusso any love lately I decided to finish off with it on this detail and I was very very happy with the results.

As for the interior it was in great shape, a vac, and interior wipe down with the usually got it looking clean again.

As for the engine that was another story, P21S Total Autowash was used to clean it up and Black Wow and Einszett Vinyl Rubber Care was used to treat the rubber.

Products Used:
Lusso Auto Bath in the Cam Spray Foam Canon
Swissvax Paint Rubber and Optimum Instant Detail Spray and Gloss Enhancer for clay lube
Einszett Spray Wax
Power Gloss"]Menzerna Power Gloss[/URL]
The Uber Menzerna PO203S/PO85RD Kit
Menzerna Top Inspection
Lusso Oro

Wheels and Tires
Uber Wheel/Tire/Wheel Well Kit
Replaced Swissvax Pneu on this one for Einszett Vinyl Rubber Care

Interior and Glass (sorry no pics)
Lusso Glass Polish
Leather Master Strong Cleaner
Leather Master Vital
Einszett Cockpit
Einszett Plastic/Vinyl Cleaner
Swissvax Pneu Brush
Swissvax Detail Brush

Engine: (sorry no pics)
P21S Total Autowash
Black Wow
Einszett Vinyl/Rubber Care

Infratech 5300
Brinkmann MaxFire
Metabo PE12-175
Makita 9227 Hi Speed Rotary
The Uber Foam Pads (5.5inch)
Tons of "Uber" Microfiber Towels
Uber Drying Towels

Cam Spray 1500A with Cam Spray Foam Gun

Before Shots you can clearly see the scratches/swirls/defects

Before engine shots:

Prep/Wash/Engine Cleaning
We worked on the engine first, (the engine was warm to the touch)
Using P21S and the Uber Boar's Hair Wheel Brush and Swissvax Wheel Brush we went to town on the engine

On to the car wash, using the Cam Spray Foam Canon and Cam Spray Pressure washer with Lusso Auto Bathe

Black wow applied to plastic engine pieces

Before shot of engine:

Final shot of engine: (pic taken before the car was rinsed down and finished)

Interior clean up: (sorry no pictures of the before and after)

Polishing pictures (before/ 50/50/ afters)
Rear quarter before

50/50 of rear quarter after PG, 203, 85RD

Tape removed

Hood 50/50 shot

Dust after all that polishing:

Couple after polish shots:


After the car was rinsed off we cleaned up the jambs with Einszett Spray Wax

Progress of the shop

After shots (the car was finished at 11:30 pm and delivered to the customer sorry no shots outside) Lusso Oro looks amazing!

Enjoy and thanks to Joe and Alvin for the help....

24 man hours went into this one.
Philip Yiu
Detailer's Domain
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