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Another [email protected] story about a nav retrofit - help please..


I am asking for some help regarding this situation that I am "stuck" in.

I am in a really frustrating situation while trying to retrofit a used navigation system (bought through [email protected]) to my X3.

I ordered the used kit and had the parts delivered a couple of weeks ago (flip monitor, Mk4 unit, CID / cd, gps antenna, and a brand new retrofit harness with instructions). I acted a bit stupid to not ask for part numbers before ordering and transaction was offered outside [email protected] Being an absolute newbie as an [email protected] buyer I agreed.

Went to my local BMW dealer to have the units fitted to the car. At first they resisted on installing it saying that:
1) They don't know where the units came from and probably afraid of what I was bringind them....origin etc.
2) The parts numbers were from different years and might not be compatible with each other (although they were all past X3 items from 2005 and on - checked with realoem). I have finally accepted the responsibility to have the items fitted on my car and if the kit does not work they would not have to be blamed for (warranty still remains valid).

Now the installation is finished, all the cables are in place. I got a call from the dealer yesterday saying that the system does not work due to the CID/CD (Radio / CD player/ Nav control) unit not responding. Actually they said it didn't power on, but they could see it in their diagnostics tool as a unit. So they suggested that I should exchange the CID with another one - newer. They installed the regular CD player I had before, so I could hear music at least....and of course I paid for the installation.

I then go back to the guy that sold me the set, explained the situation and he thinks it is a matter of encoding, although he politely suggested that if encoding doesn't work out he could exchange the unit for me.

I am now left with a system that it is installed in my car and it does not work. Screen is black and useless, mk4 disconnected and I have my old radio on the dash.

Any ideas about the problem or suggestions what to do are very welcome.

Thanks in advance
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