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Thanks very much for your reply Brian.

The dealer says that the problem lies 95 % in the CID /CD player because he could not have power or data on the unit even though he could "see" the CID unit in the BMW diagnostics computer. So he did not try to encode the system and left it as it is now.

My Part numbers are:
CID /CD: 6512 913 2254-03 (11/06) also BMWNRR200-02 on same sticker.
MKIV: 6590 6 942 908 -03 (06/04) There is also this BMWM01S along with other data on the label. Do you suspect anything?
The screen is already installed in the car and I do not have the part number on hand but it is the flip type monitor only used in X3 and Z4. The screen flips up when I turn the key, but remains black of course.

The harness used was brand new in a BMW box and plastic bag 61 12 0 390 114. I guess they just plugged the end to the MKIV computer correctly.

I don't know anyone in my area yet with a MKIV unit, but I was just wondering - are these units "Plug & Play"? I mean can we swap units with a friend without coding them to the car? What is the encoding process used for?

Thanks again.
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