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Originally Posted by cocobill View Post
Interesting... Coding the MK4 unit to color will "wake-up" the CID unit and screen?
Yes, 100% correct.

Originally Posted by cocobill View Post
I thought that coding the MK4 from mono to color was a secondary task. Wouldn't I be able to see some picture on the screen even though the MK4 was coded as mono?
No. When the nav is coded for Mono, the colour RGB video outputs are switched off and no video appears. Therefore, nothing can be seen on the CID screen. Additionally, the nav believes it is not working with a CID, therefore does not send the "Please open" command to the CID.

Originally Posted by cocobill View Post
The dealer said that the CID unit was not responding. I would like to check myself too, as I was not in front of the car when they finished the installation.
The dealer may have simply referred to the fact that the CID did not open up or display a picture, which is exactly what happens when the Mk4 is coded for Mono.

Originally Posted by cocobill View Post
Would it hurt the system if I unplug the standard radio and plug back the CID/radio and MK4 in order to test it myself? Do I have to remove the battery pole before the swapping?
You won't hurt anything by plugging in the Mk4 and CID
I generally do this without removing the battery, but if you are a newbie, disconnecting the battery is a good idea.

Originally Posted by cocobill View Post
Also regarding navcoder:
As an absolute newbie in the nav area, may I ask how will I connect my laptop with navcoder to the car? Is it through the I-bus interface (
Anyone knows where I can find the interface plug in the X3?
You connect the laptop using the Resler interface to the CD changer connection, which on an X3 is very easy to access.

You will find that
a) The dealer will not know how and will not be able to change coding from Mono to Colour
b) Changing the Coding yourself may be the simplest and cheapest and quickest approach for you

Ask in the forum for other users with NavCoder that live in your area - maybe they can help and recode the nav it for you.
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