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Transfer case removal pictures...

2001 X5 4.4i Sport.

I am going to try and fix it myself.

Loud "cracking" noise from transfer case when you apply sudden torque to transmission. If you mash the accelerator from a start, you will definitely hear it, but if you drive like my wife, it rarely happens.

Checked the front driveshaft splines, they are dry, but not stripped.
I made a mark on the shaft and the transfer case, and verified that the shaft and transfer case do not slip.

If you remove the lower drain plug on the case (all ATF fluid will drain out of course), you can see the chain and with a screwdriver, you can verify that it is loose.

Loose chain inside the transfer case.
I bought a replacement from cobratransmissions in Miami for $146, and it got here in 2 days.

Got the X up on on 4 jack stands.
Removed the front stiffener plate.
While removing the front exhaust nuts, one of the studs broke....DAMN!
I'll worry about that later.

Front exhaust section removed

Did not remove the mufflers,

Heat shields removed (easy with just a 10mm socket)

DRY front driveshaft input splines.

OK, gotta go. Will update rest of pics later.

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