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It's almost 12:30AM Saturday morning. My whole Friday night trying to take this thing off, and I don't even have a way to get the bolts off.

I started to try to fix the case while it remained on the truck, by taking the cover off.
I got all the bolts off, but needed to remove the rear output flange.

Deep socket 36mm (1 7/16") needed, and I don't have that.

Case has to come off now.

I decide to search the net for special tools. I see a website selling external torx wrenches. Then I realize how similar they look to the Sears ratcheting wrenches that I already have. Worth a shot....

What do you know ... 10MM fits good enough to get them all off...yay!

Removed the jack and just slid the case rearward and rested it on my legs while I was on the dolly.

The beast is out:

Super brand new.

The bus looks jealous that I am working on another car

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