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Major A/C Climate control problem? easy fix!

2002 BMW X5 3.0

Let me give you some background on what problems I had:

First off, I was experiencing erradic blowing out of the A/C vents. This was solved by a DIY post for Blower Motor Resistor aka Final Stage Unit repair I found here at X5world. Online parts supplier have this part as Blower Motor Resistor and I paid $64 at fwiw.

Second and most concerning problem was that I also had complete climate control failure and was constantly blowing the fuse 48. I would change the Fuse and the climate control would come on for about 5 - 10 minutes before blowing the fuse killing the power before as well as after the blower motor resistor repair. You are not going to believe how easy this fix was for me personally. I read the horror stories on the net about having to replace the climate control unit for $1000 - $2000. I also read how the dealer would charge for diagnositics before the actual repair and then if there was still a problem there would be additional charges added to that.

Ok here is my fix that solved my problem entirely...........

I got my air compressor attached a needle head for blowing up footballs etc... and blew out both temperator sensor grates on the climate control on the dash and then installed a new fuse in 48 slot and the problem is solved! I figure this easy fix saved me at least $2000 since the dealer would have replaced everything they could. It appears that something had gotten into the sensor and was shorting out the climate control and a good blasting or air dislodged it and completely fixed it. I really hope this helps someone else from having to replace a climate control that is shorting out! :2thu mbs:
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