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MY2007+ front brake pads UPDATE THEY ARE DONE !-UPDATE

I wanted to put out a feeler on how many of us with the E70 X5 may be interested in putting together a group buy for ceramic pads. I have been looking for a relative "dustless" brake pad for the e70 for some time and have come up empty. It seems the backing plate availability is the problem. I have contacted a brake pad manufacturer to see what it would take to have some backing plates made. They told me that they could laser cut backing plates if there was some volume interest. They would need 25 sets committed before they could manufacture. This is a highly regarded brake pad manufacturer in the USA ( I am not sure if I can mention their name at this point due to forum rules?). I believe that one of out members has already had pads make for his vehicle. I am in no way connected to the manufacturer nor do I wish to benefit economically from this and this is strickly for forum members only. I am not sure where this will go, but I thought I would check interest. Depending on response and interest we shall see where it goes. The pad cost for front still needs to be worked out (cost to produce blanks), but it should be around $185.00-$200.00 per set plus shipping.

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