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Smile To Also Remove the Handle Carrier

I didn't have a problem with the door handle carrier but I read here it's another common failure point so I may as well practise how to remove it now that I've come this far.

You will also need:
4mm hex wrench
8mm socket/wrench
Philips head screwdriver

Thanks to PersonaNonGrata who covers this item in more detail here.

You will have to perform step 8 above first if you have not already done so.
1. Looking inside the door at the Handle Carrier - we see that the handle at one end is retained by a "bayonet" socket.
Name:  B001.jpg
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2. Remove the lock cylinder or blank.
Remove the 8mm hex nut securing the handle to the other end of the Carrier.
Draw out and rotate the handle down as shown below.
Name:  B002.jpg
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3. Now we see the "bayonet" is in the free position and the handle can be drawn away from this end of the Carrier.
Name:  B003.jpg
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4. After removing the plastic bases - the Carrier retaining screw is revealed.
Name:  B004.jpg
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5. Remove the screw and the Carrier can be removed.
Name:  B005.jpg
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Name:  B006.jpg
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Reverse these steps to refit.
Cheers, Brian

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