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I was thinking this is just like any other polymer sealants and it is. From their website:

"RejeX is wiped on, allowed to dry to a haze for approximately 20 minutes, wiped off, then allowed to cure for 12 hours.

Curing is required to allow the monomers (polymer building blocks) that make up RejeX to attach to the surface being treated and to polymerize (crosslink) into a crystal-clear, impervious film. It is very important to allow RejeX to cure for 12 hours after the haze has been wiped off. If the coating is exposed to contamination such as oil, fuel, soot, water, cleaners, etc. before it has cured, the contaminants may interfere with the film, preventing the RejeX from achieving it's maximum performance and durability."

NXT 2.0 is actually a cleaner/sealant. It works great but does not last just like any other consumer products. You'll want to use the meg prof line vs the consumer line products. I'm no expert but apply a couple thin even coats of RejeX and a couple thin even coats of a carnauba wax (P21S or similar) and you'll get more than the "pop" you are expecting

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