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Originally Posted by X5Flyboy View Post
missed that. Gosh, Darn, Dickens! really not a TV watcher when out here in Idaho (mountain time) Yeah, it's 4AM here! sleep schedule is still screwed up. I just get fried when I hear, read, or see inequities, especially political inequities!

New Tea Party cause - vote out EVERY incumbent over the next 6yrs - committee chairpersons are voted in, not seniority. I gotta write a book on the case for term limits, reducing the power of the partys & lobbists, making politicians more accountable for their actions. You know there are only eleven laws that will cause a Congress member to lose their pension! I am really fed up with what we have now. Civil rights to enemy combatants? Miranda rights? and yet anyone can walk across our borders! Kick them ALL out of office!
Back to the OT, we'll see how long "sponsors" stay away. Though I guarantee you WILL NOT hear about them when they come back.

You can't turn your back on a pool of viewers that large, just makes dumb monetary sense. And these are businesses...aren't they?

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