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Quicksilver will become famous soon enoughQuicksilver will become famous soon enough
You could describe it that way but in reality
this is the way many people seem to think.
It's too bad but the fact is it is proving to be more
than just opinion.

Racism, radicals, and reform: Why some Americans are afraid of President Obama
Lone Wolves and Lynch Mobs: The Threats Behind Town Hall Meetings Unsilent Generation

Originally Posted by Wagner View Post
Woohoo a racist article..awesome. I guess when in doubt you could always say it is "angry white men" FAIL. If one thing is true, the new administration is showing where real racism lies IMO.
"What you hear in a great jazz band is the sound of democracy. “The jazz band works best when participation is shaped by intelligent communication.”
Harmony happens whenever different parts get to form a whole by means of congruity, concord, symetry, consistency, conformity, correspondence, agreement, accord, unity, consonance…….

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