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Originally Posted by Chris F. View Post
Those look great! Topaz is a sweet color if I do say so myself

How do they expect you to wire up the halos? I'm assuming we'll need a switch installed somewhere in the interior, or do they have instructions on how to wire them up to work with the parking lights?
The halos come with a basic harness which will connect to the ECU. There's a DIY on here about how to hook up this particular harness, but I'm a little nervous to go slicing into ECU wires. If you want a simple halo connection, bypass the harness all together (cut the sucker off) and run the wires down to your fogs. The LED halos don't need much energy, and this is actually how I connected the ones I ordered from Umnitza a while back (ended up returning for multiple reasons), but the halos light up bright and true. The trick here is to connect the right wire to the right wire (the brown wire on leading to your fog is the ground; that is all i know). The drawback of connecting to your fogs, well, the halos will only turn on when your fogs are on! It isn't very custom.

I personally like the idea of halos turning on when you unlock your doors with a remote key, so I'm going to get some help with it. I hope to take pics and write a DIY once it gets done!
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