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Originally Posted by King View Post
Just about every review that I've read so far, they whine about how BMW didn't need to develop the ///XM series. How BMW came up with a solution to a problem only they created. Why do we need an SUV with monster power?? Why they decided to release this vehicle in the middle of a recession, etc...

Then towards the end of the review, they all come around and admit how amazing of a vehicle this is in numbers both on paper and on the track! This vehicle is for a specific target market so I wish they would stop comparing it to the regular SUVs (including the regular X5 and X6) and question its existence. I don't remember hearing any whining when Porsche came out with the Cayenne Turbo or Turbo S, or the ML63 AMG. They both have several models; why did they need to develop one with monster power??

There are so many BMW haters out there, primarily people who don't belong to that target market and certainly can't afford one will only make pessimistic comments. I'm just glad these aren't the people in charge of making any decisions at BMW. Just report on the vehicle you're testing. Do your job and then get back in that Ford Taurus and go home...
Dude, nice...I get a kick out of all the playa haters whining about how M-power and SUVs don't mix....Who the hell died and appointed them as the "rule-makers"??! To me, a race-ready SUV (X5///M) is the ULTIMATE vehicle, because it can do it all:

1) run and gun with the ultimate sports sedans and sports coupes
2) go skiing upstate
3) humble the Mustang and Camaro rednecks at toll booths
4) take the kids to hockey practice, with ALL of their gear.
5) On the way back from hockey practice, allows the kids to comfortably moon those same Mustang rednecks you humbled earlier at the toll booth.

We are on this forum because we want our performance AND our utility all wrapped up into one. And whichever print publication can't accept this simple concept of a 911 Turbo and a Tahoe mating and having X5M and Cayenne Turbo S children, can bite me.
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