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The same scenario is going on at my company. I've been there for 6.5 years, and have a good rapport with everybody there. They know I am a car enthusiast, and would hear it every Friday as I rumbled into the parking lot in the car, twin turbos breathing for air as the 4" downpipe expels it. On any other given day, I would roll in with the '94 Explorer with rust along the running boards. It blended in with the masses of sedans and "practical" cars. One day, the Explorer acted up, and I fixed it and bit the bullet on having a car payment again. Bought the X5. When the playful jokes came about "oh look at Mr. Bimmer man driving the X5, haha" came around, I just shrugged it off and joked that I rocked the Explorer until the wheels fell off, and had to get a reliable truck. And they (knowing my character for so long) understood.

Hopefully the history of your character shines through the negative thoughts that jealousy incites, and people will remember.... hey, he's a good guy. You know, a goodfella.

Edit: On the superficial note, first impressions are everything, and the X5 could be a career enhancer when attending interviews. "Oh hey, lets talk more about these opportunities over lunch (my treat), I'm parked right outside!"
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