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Originally Posted by chilliwilli View Post
.....Besides, if they had a clue how good of a shot you are at the shooting range, they wouldn't have a damn thing to say!
ROFL Going to be a long, cold winter. I'm thinking November we get the same posse together, squeeze off some more rounds at that range.

Originally Posted by B-LINE
Don't worry about what other people think.. Drive what you enjoy.
No doubt bro...just as long as there are no more layoffs. Official big pharma policy is to lay off those with ///M badges first, followed by AMG. Hyundais and Kias should be safe. Other than that I should be a-OK!

Originally Posted by Quicksilver
You could drive a beater to work. After all if it's a career hazard no need to let your ride get in the way of paying the bills. Keep your job and enjoy your ride.
I'm going to regret saying this, but I'd rather get laid off than spend 90% of my driving time in a beater. My long commute was my reason for crossing over from Honda to BMW in the first place. I figured if I'm going to drive 90 miles each weekday, I may as well enjoy it. Plus, I have neither the time nor the inclination to maintain 3 vehicles (X5///M + suggested beater + wife's car).

Glad to see I'm not the only one pondering this "career vs. ///M" annoyance.

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