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Ccfj1.... thank you so much.. I installed your 'Alpina mk3' splashscreen on my B3 and it looks soooooo cool now... it really adds another touch of class to the car.

Only trouble is... it's a 4:3 screen, so it looks a bit squashed at the sides

I know it's very cheeky of me, but could you do me a version for the 4:3 screen please?

All I can offer you by return is my gallery at, some nice photos of Goodwood Fos and revival meetings, in 1024x768, but if there are any you'd like the Hi res (7Mp) originals of, mail me and I'll send them pronto.

The Unofficial BMW M5 Messageboard ( - Ratty's Albums

Once again, thank you... I've learned so much about my (first) Nav unit and all of it, from here at Xoutpost... you guys are genius
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