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Originally Posted by rbaror View Post
Well that sucks, sorry you are having those problems, mine seems to work ok... but I have to admit that while the interface for accessing the music is usable, its not ideal...I dont know why they couldnt just mimic the ipod interface. as an aside, do you have anything plugged into the mini-jack connector? cause I disconnected that too
Nope, I pulled the whole USB mini-jack cable. Turned the car off then on again and it still didn't work.. I'm sure there's a relative simple answer to making it work but my point is, why should I bother?

It really seems like the USB cable is the better choice. Doesn't take up space, charges, gives you the music library, doesn't need to have the iphone out of the case and it's free.

The integration for the iphone is kind of stupid.

I guess it may be useful on a really long drive but it seems to create more problems than solutions.

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