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Hi Kyle,

Welcome to the forums.

Originally Posted by heinekenlover100 View Post
Hello, I am new to the forum and the proud new owner of a 2003 E39 M5.
Nice car.

My vehicle has the MKIV system and has never had the software upgraded it is running V21. I would like to upgrade to V32 and after exhaustively reading through posts for V31, 32, and night mode. I want to pre thank you for this awesome post. The link below is all I need for v32, Nightmode, USA, with GB voice correct?
Yes, you can download and use this one (follow the burn and install procedure).

To go back to OEM any time just put a vanilla v32 in and it will wipr the nightmode.
Does this have a splash screen and if not is there another link that I may have missed with all of this with a ///M splash included?
I think they both have the ///M logo.

Finally I just want to clarify that with this upgrade I will not be able to read street names? Is this true even if I switch out of night mode?
No not quite, if you run in Day 2D mode then you get the all the names as OEM, in Day 3d, you get limited names as OEM.

When in nightmode, on 2d and 3d mode you get limited street names.

Thanks in advance, Kyle
No problem.
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