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Originally Posted by ccfj1 View Post

extract the 2 .tbl files from the directoy: <drive>:\V_2\RR\0101\BMWC01S

These are the 2 files, drag and drop them out and then use psp to edit them (if you are just doing a os upgrade the dont bother with the lang_rel.tbl file)

Open in hex editor and edit this value

Then save them and put them back in the OS image (where you got them from) and the save, then burn the new image and install in the car.

We all start somewhere mate.
I am going to give all this a try tonight I think I see what I was doing wrong with the hex editor.

I did have one other question. I had no problem loading the new splash gif. However when I tried to change the the text strings to something like:

Every time I then went to save the navboot, navtweak would crash wiping out the navboot file. Do I have to do something different to save after changing the text strings then I would after the splash gif? Again thanks for walking me through all of this.

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