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Originally Posted by heinekenlover100 View Post
I did have one other question. I had no problem loading the new splash gif. However when I tried to change the the text strings to something like:

Every time I then went to save the navboot, navtweak would crash wiping out the navboot file. Do I have to do something different to save after changing the text strings then I would after the splash gif? Again thanks for walking me through all of this.

This is a modded version of the accept screen, it's not something we have in the UK, but try using navtweak2.6 (not 2.7) this may let you save.

Originally Posted by GrahamH View Post
To get it to stretch out, you need a 16:9 widescreen display, even with only a Mk3. But if you haven't got one of those, see below

It's not too bad actually...

If you haven't got a 16:9 screen, here's how to make an image look good on 4:3 screens:

1. Create your original image as a 400 x 312, or a multiple of that (800 x 624 also works, for example.)

2. When you've got that as you want it, resize it to 400 x 234. I use - this is done via the resize option on the image menu. (untick "maintain aspect ratio" of course!) It will look stretched and out of proportion at this point. Then save it as a GIF.

3. Using Navtweak, replace the splashscreen in the usual way with the 400 x 234 GIF file you just made

4. When you install the new Nav OS, this distorted image automatically becomes squashed (as Ratty has discovered) back into the 400 x 312 proportions, so it looks as you intended.

All good fun!

Hope this helps
Nice one Graham.
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