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Obama White House Blog Shoots Messenger

$24,000 of taxpayers $ spent on each car sold in Cash for Clunkers. That set the White House off in a spasm.

It's a shame that the White House stoops to shooting the messenger when the news isn't good. released information that the Cash For Clunkers Program actually had a cost of $24,000 for each car sold under the program. They calculated only 125,000 of the 690,000 cars sold during the time of the rebates were offered could be attributed to the program. These were the incremental sales that would have happened anyway.

The White House didn't like that too much.... essentially they got all excited and became sarcastic and tried to mock They actually said that the calculations Edmonds used were based upon sales of cars on Mars.

So much for integrity at the White House, again.

The White House Blog -
Busy Covering Car Sales on Mars, Gets It Wrong (Again) on Cash for Clunkers | The White House

Edmonds CEO responds - Responds to White House Criticism - Auto Observer
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