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Originally Posted by anas View Post
nice , looks very good , i love a black X , those lights bring it out, what did you have before? i had the amber corners & it was a huge change for me , how did you get the AE's to work without the low beams or parking lights on ?? mine only come on when low beams are on , & what kind of setup is that on your fogs ?
I ran the trigger wire to my rear (tail light) parking light, so that the rings turn on with the parking lights. I think it was the purple wire... I'll take a pic if you would like to see. I also ran the wire to the light under the driver side kick panel so that the rings turn on with the lock/unlock on my remote.

I previously had amber reflectors and this is a HUGE difference, to me. Even the light output looks better. I converted my fogs to HIDs, but the low beams are so bright that I don't think that I would ever use the fogs.

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