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It's true if you consider paying the same $ per gallon and getting less mileage(~12%) out of it(10% mix) a success. That coupled with higher food prices for everything made out of corn, corn syrup, etc, because half the crop goes to making ethanol. Plus, even the 10% mix stuff eats the pipes of any engine not made for it, ie lawnmowers, snowblowers, cars older than 2002 or so. Not to mention that it can't be distributed by normal means due to the corrosive nature of the junk. Due to this, more fuel has to be delivered by some means other than pipeline resulting in more fuel being burned during distribution.

So yes, it's been a rousing success here if you're a corn farmer, you own an ethanol plant, or you're a politician with corn farmers or ethanol plants in your district. Otherwise, we're getting screwed on both ends and being told it's good for us.
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