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Originally Posted by blktoptrvl View Post
Head in sand? I guess it would be much better than where other heads seem to be.

Again I ask, ‘what does this have to do with anything the Obama administration has done or is trying to do?’ I could see why you would be up in arms (although I still wouldn't agree with you) if this were a picture of anything actually related to the actual President Of the United States. But it is just somebody's lane attempt at pot-stirring.

Anyone can "make up some shit" and claim that somehow the Obama administration is behind it.

To me it always comes back to this... If you are so afraid of something - so much that you have to make shit up just to validate your point of view, and then try to foist it off as the truth then I'm afraid you have deep problems and should be seeking professional help.

BTW, Did you know that during his administration:
  • Bushes Parents disavowed him
  • He was a sailor who drank beer
  • He said stupid things
  • he was connected to the computer industry?
In all seriousness, jokes are one thing, bullshit is another. People should learn how to recognize the difference.
Where did anyone state this had something to do with administration goals

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