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Originally Posted by kamichael View Post
I have heard yes and no on this one. My service advisor told me that all M series cars need to come in at about 1k to change various fluids - he said this was the case on the X5M as well. I thought it would be a good idea - anyone else know for sure on this? He is a knowledgeable guy who has worked with BMW for a long time and has also worked on my 08 M3.
Your service advisor is incorrect. This is the first M model that I am aware of, that doesn't require at least an oil change immediately after the break-in period is finished.
I believe this information is in the manual. It says nothing about requiring an oil change. My service advisor checked with BMW main office, and confirmed this.
That said, I will be changing the oil anyway. Winters here are harsh, and I change the oil on all our BMWs when the service indicator reaches half of what the required interval should be. Overkill, perhaps......
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