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Originally Posted by Rez View Post
It is ok for BMW that your brakes squeak as well, is that ok with you too?

LOL - no.

Originally Posted by Rez View Post
I am more inclined to do extra oil changes if keeping the car for longer than 5 years is the goal. if you are getting rid of it after warranty sticking with BMW's minimum recommendation maybe ok.
How often? If you're going to do it more than recommended, it's going to end up being a guess as to what you think is best.

I'm sure you know that BMW's recommended schedule of maintenance isn't a continuum - from minimum to maximum. It's one point.

Isn't going to hurt anything, except your free time, pocketbook, and the environment.

FWIW, I change cars every 3 years. I wouldn't personally drive a BMW outside of warranty for too long.

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