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Originally Posted by oztme View Post
Thanks for the info mate.
You're welcome mate.

The TV module is down near the spare wheel, the MKIV would've been up near the CD stacker I think.

Are you suggesting that I might have to pull the blue plug out of the TV, put it into the MKIV (assuming it reaches), and plug the currently dangling blue connector into the TV?
Yes, but...

Not sure about the x5 mate, on the e46 (what I have) this was the case, I have the retrofit so that could be different, I was just mentioning it just in case.

Is there a writeup on why this is required somewhere?
Not that I'm aware of.

I had to do it when I did the TV retrofit as the nav and TV must be plugged in the right way round so that the nav/tv are "seen" by the system and use the display correctly (or you just get a black screen).

1000 Thanks again for your help..

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