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Originally Posted by bluelagoon View Post
I tried burning 'OEM_day_night_OEM_blue' then 'OEM_day_night_OEM_OEM' on two Verbatim CDRs (produced in india) at 8x but it still said 'the disc is invalid' for both just before the progress bar appears. Same as the guy in post 221.

ccfj1, You may want to have another look at the files in post 90.

I then burned 'v31_Night_OEM' from post 1 the same way and had success (as in post 226).... but the cities are in black and the countryside in the usual grey like the pic in post 79. Is there a fix or is this as expected?
What is it that you wish to achieve mate?

I don't have time to go over posts that were made 9 months ago. It worked at the time (or fixes were provided later).

I've made literary hundreds of these and can't be expected to remember each and every on mate.

The download on one page 1 has been downloaded over 2000 times.

If you could let me know the following:

What car do you have,
what year
what version of OS are you running now
Is that version modded
What type of nav drive is it m3 or mk4
Will you be running a POISon modded map disc.

What modes do you want (exactly, a list please).

What is the difference between 'OEM_day_night_OEM_blue' and 'OEM_day_night_OEM_OEM'? Does one have a grey colour scheme and the other standard blue? If so which is which?

Also what is 'modded sky'? I can't see a difference.
OEM_day_night_OEM_blue = OEM on scheme colour 1 and my modded on colour scheme 2, but the blue (col 2) has nightmode

OEM_day_night_OEM_OEM = OEM on scheme colour 1 and OEM colour scheme 2 (brown), but the (col 2) has nightmode

The sky is OEM, as requested by the guy who wanted OEM



PM me with your list mate and we can go from there.

Originally Posted by TONI3 View Post
Unfortunately for me, the answer was this: "Do not use Poison
Give up?
No don't give up mate, have a go yourself, I can do all the other bits, but you need to mod the voice file yourself.
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