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I have recently developed some problems and I'm not sure if they're all linked. Funnily enough it started after a rain storm!

I have experienced poor idling and loss of power on my 2002 E53 3.0d X5. It idles right for about 5 seconds of turning the key and then it drops to just above 5000 RPM and shakes like crazy! I get no power AT ALL trying to drive in low RPM.

I have replaced the diesel pump, the filter and now my interior lights, remote central locking and my CD Shuttle have stopped working.

Also, I seem to have put my relays in the wrong place in the trunk (or boot as we call it here in South Africa) when trying to isolate the problem.

Can anyone tell me what relays should be in position 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 on the picture attached?

I hear what you all say - take it to a stealer, but they all want to charge an absolute fortune and am hoping it's a small electrical issue. Could it be the MAF?
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