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How to change Splash Screen on 2004 Range Rover MKIII

Hi everyone i`m new in this forum.
I want to change splash screen image on My 2004 RR Vogue MKIII module, Land Rover Logo, with a custom Range Rover Logo.
I know it is possible on BMW with MKIII to update the SW.But i did not see any sample on Range Rovers.I downloaded the RR nav SW from rapidshare link posted here.
When i open the folders using ultraiso,there is not many folders as BMW version have.And i know where the logo is in BMW CD.But i could not find the Land Rover logo in gif format on RR CD.
There are folders named MK1 MKII MKIII and i checked them.The folders all have Land Rover Logo but in jpeg format.
Can anyone tell me where is the Splash Screen Logo to update?
I want to learn the other steps for complating the update on RR.
Tricking the mk module that is a version update?
And Key cd for MKIII (I guess for updating 17.1 v Needs CD Key)How can i find it?
Sorry too much question ...
Thanks for helps.
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