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Originally Posted by neiloakley View Post
I'm still trying to do it myself.

First time i tried i didn't change them all, and the logo is still the original. Now i've changed them all, but the nav wont accept the new software as it see's the version number is the same. I've tried changing sw_rel.tbl and lng_rel.tbl to a higher version but it still wont load it.

so for now i'm stuck (unless i can find an older version of the software, downgrade then reload the new version)
Have you manage to install Range rover Os with BMW logo?

I saw your Link page you put SW there.
If you maneged.Can you make one with my splash screen logo attached here?
I m still not sure if i can replace the splash screen logo myself.
And my current Sw is SW 3-1/31.Is your sw newer or older version?
If it is newer, as i understand, MKIII will accept it?If it is same version it will not accept .
If it accepts SW , than i think i will need Key cd(Because of my current Ver)sion)In this case Can i use BMW key CD that you gave in your link page?

My Splash Screen Logo
One is in same size as you attached above 521*273 jpeg
Other one is bigger in size
(Im not sure about size and form for Range Rover MKIII Splash Screen image so you can resize and change as desired)
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