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E61 is an awesome car too. I personally wanted to get that over my X5, but my wife liked the headroom of the X5. I leaned more towards the X5 just cuz it had newer tech, newer body styling (E61 was at almost at the end of its cycle) at the time I was buying.

Even though the 5GT is heavier than the current E61, the engine in it really makes it feel much lighter. The 5GT's interior is more comfortable and egrnomoically better designed. Plus the tech is awesome. But it's really not a fair comparison.

I'd wait to compare the new 5 wagon versus the 5GT. The new 5 wagon will definitely be the sportier choice, while comfort goes to the 5GT. All depends on what you like to drive.

I can't wait for the 3GT to come out. It doesn't make sense for my garage to have two mid-large cars.
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