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06' 4.8is - Strange Sound...Any thoughts??


I have had an 06' X5 for about 6-7 months now...LOVING it. Put a bunch of miles on it, but never really noticed a weird whistling, noise that seems to come out of the center vent (with the dial on it).

It is directly related to load on the engine...Vacuum pressure I THINK. When I am on the highway at rpm's over 2,000 and NOT on flat ground with no load...If I accelerate a bit or come off the throttle down a hill I hear it. Not that loud, but louder than the exhaust note and completely obvious when the radio is off, am on the cell phone, etc. I can even hear it when "talk radio" is on. Very annoying since it is related to the throttle. Annoying (not in the type of sound) like a bad stereo ground. Follows your right foot.

If I turn the outside air dial to hot (I think it closes off the outside air), I can BARELY hear it...Almost perfect. It is OBVIOUS when I turn it to 3 blue dots or fresh air in. I am thinking since I bought the car when it was starting to get colder here, I had the dial more to red, therefore not noticing it. Now it is getting hot here, and the dial is always on blue.

The dealer said it is normal intake noise that is making it's way into the cabin...They checked seals, cabin filters, etc. (supposedly). Since they do not have one to compare it to, they are saying it could be normal.

I find this hard to believe...Even though it's not too loud (turbo-like level), it does not need to be there on a car this expensive (LOUDER than the exhaust note).

Thoughts? Anyone elses make this noise??

06' X5 4.8is Silver / Black
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