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Arrow "Reset" Windshield Wiper Park Position

I finally figured out how to fix my wipers. Although this is a simple fix, I could not find this information anywhere, and no one knew or cared to show me how. I hope this helps someone in the future. I am not the best with write ups so sorry for the length.


---> Wiper's work perfectly however they stop at the 12 o'clock position (or other incorrect parked position) after completing a wipe cycle.


1. remove plastic cover under the hood that conceals the wiper motor and the wiper link arms. The cover is removed via twist clips.

2. Turn on your wipers, then turn them off so that the nut in the center of the wiper motor is accessible ( if it isn't already)

3. Completely remove this nut. Set aside. Keep safe.

4. Turn the wipers on so that the motor goes through a wipe cycle that automatically shuts off to the parked position after completion (ie. activate windshield washer function.) Note: your wipers will not move, only the motor will operate.

5. manually position the wipers down to the correct parked position. They should easily move around when you push them down or up.

6. If you have done step 5 correctly, you will notice that the location of where you unscrewed the nut is now concealed by the position of the wiper linkages.

7. Carefully but forcefully remove the passenger side wiper link from its socket so that you can access the area below it. This may require some force, use both hands and be careful not to bend or break any of the link arms.

8. Ensuring the drives side wiper is still in the correct parked position, you can now proceed to screwing the nut back on where it originally was. Tighten adequately, however not so much that the wipers begin to move with each turn of the nut.

9. Now go ahead and test the wipers. Only the drivers side will move because the passengers side link is still disconnected.

The wiper should go through a cycle and when it turns off it should return to the position you manually set it at, rather than the 12 o'clock position for example.

10. pop the passenger side wiper arm link back into where your removed it. It was fastened onto a ball like joint before you removed it. A mallet may be useful. I used the other end of my socket wrench and banged it back in with one hit, perhaps this is not he best method however it worked for me.

11. re-test wipers, and re-install plastic cover from step 1.
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