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Originally Posted by LeMansX5 View Post
Wax is kind of a sealant. Comes in the end of polish process.

My 5 step routine:
  1. Menzerna Intensive Polish PO91E +Menzerna Top Inspection
  2. Menzerna Final Finish PO85RD +Menzerna Top Inspection
  3. Menzerna Finishing Glaze PO115C
  4. Menzerna Full Molecular Jacket (FMJ)
  5. Menzerna Power Lock Sealant
Steps compilation courtesy of Phil.
Thanks for the detailed info. I went out this morning and cleaned a section of the X, I think I am going to pick a clay bar first and get the paint back to clean. Anyone have any advice?

Second, when I polish, finish, glaze, FMJ, and then seal, is it ok to use a motorized bonet to remove each step?

Thanks again for all the great advice!
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