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Originally Posted by anderdr View Post
I am not able to get the MKIV to start, I have tried connecting both +12v and ground to case + the ground pins on the back of it.

In navcoder I get:
ready - idle
idle 1sec
recieving bus message - busy

But that only indicates that the IBUS "controller" in the navi is alive, right?

and that goes in a loop, not able to start it with +12 on ignition pin, and no response from navi device in navcoder. I have no clue about writing IBUS commands myself, but maybe that was what I needed to do, to make it wake up?
Have you got a pullup resistor on the ibus?
What ibus messages are being displayed?

Once you sort out the ibus interface issues, you'll see the Nav asking the IKE for config data, you'll need to respond to these messages to get the nav to boot up

Refer to a log file showing a normal bootup to see typical responses from the IKE to the nav

Once the nav has booted and is idle, you can ask it for it's current config and read the output mode.
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