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Originally Posted by apetrov1x5 View Post
Hi, great work ccfj1!!!
You're welcome mate.

I have v31 already on my 2005 UK X5, will your image of update CD work for me?
Yes, but you must use the right one.

the reason i am asking mate is I have tried before updating from V31 to V32 and the mk4 told me that I am up to date already and could not proceed with the update.

I guess going from v31 to your custom V31 will have the same results, right?

or wrong?
Wrong, my modded version does not use the OEM bmw standard version numbers, it is v31/v32 but will upgrade onto a mk3 or a mk4 even if both are 3-1/63 or 4-1/00.
many thanks
No problem.

Make sure you get the right one mate.
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