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Originally Posted by ekimv65 View Post
I have ordered mine and am expecting to receive them this week. My question is, while I change the tires on my ride, is there a really good product to put on the wheels to keep them clean? I have 6 different products on my shelves, nothing much better than any other.

I have Eagle One, Mothers, McGuire's, Purple Power, and, Black Magik. I have a hard time saying 1 is better than the other, they all last a week or two. I am curious if there is truly a good long term polish or other that would work better.

The other option is different pads, but, I am happy with the performance with the Galfers I have on her.

Thanks for any advice you're willing to share.

You can also try cleaning them with Sonax.

Then wax as others have suggested.
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