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Originally Posted by JCL View Post
The Dexron VI posts you are reading talk about Dexron VI replacing Dexron III, which was the recommended fluid in the GM transmission used in the 3.0. You have a 4.4, and thus a ZF transmission. Read the label on the transmission to see what fluid is recommended for your specific vehicle by BMW.

You will get about half of the fluid out by draining the pan and filter, leaving the fluid in the torque converter, lines, and cooler.

Since you will be combining the two fluids 50:50, it is always best to use the same fluid. If you use a fluid that meets the spec, you should be fine.
Thanks; somehow I missed that. OK, I'll be under the car today removing the thrust arms (aka front/lower control arms), so I'll take a look. Hopefully the label on the transmission will be easy to find and read, and will make sense. All this talk about Audi/VW Esso fluid, vs. BMW-specific, with the Dexron discussion thrown in the mix, sure is confusing
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