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Originally Posted by Multibeemer View Post
I did a Google search on the VW/Audi fluid, and got a link from Redline which claimed that their D4 ATF meets or exceeds the specs of the other two fluids. I did a search on Redline D4 on this forum, and nothing came up. What are the opinions of this ATF? It's considerably cheaper than the VW/Audi fluid (about $10 a liter vs. about $15), but of course if there's any doubt, I'd gladly spend the extra five bucks a liter for the peace of mind.
I haven't used the Redline fluid, but I have heard of posters using it in the GM transmission, so it intrigued me that it would also be compatible with the ZF transmission. There is a reason that there are two different fluid specs, the fluids have different characteristics. BMW would likely be very happy to only have to stock one fluid, if they could use the same fluid.

Here is what I found out on the Redline site:
  • Redline's 'most versatile' ATF. I guess that means it works in just about anything.
  • 'Suitable replacement for Dexron III'. Doesn't sound like it is tested to those standards, otherwise it would say so. Usually that means that a small producer doesn't want to pay for the GM test protocol.
  • 'Suitable replacement for the Esso LT71141'. Again, not certified.
  • No reference to the VW standard, just that it is suitable for VW vehicles.
They may provide the details elsewhere, but the Redline website I looked at does not says it meets or exceeds the above standards, just that Redline consider it a suitable alternative. It also has the dubious distinction of being the fluid equivalent of an adjustable wrench, ie it fits everything.

If it was my vehicle, I would be concerned with both the standards that a fluid is tested to, and the compatibility with the fluid that is already in there (the two fluids have different base stocks). If you want to save the $, it is your call. Or, you can go with Yoda's immortal quote: "Be afraid, be very, very, afraid." Personally, I wouldn't even consider Redline products that do not meet manufacturer's published requirements.
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