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Originally Posted by m5james View Post
Honestly, if you going to buy any Peake tool for regular use, get the FCX for being able to check and clear engine'll use it 10x more than you'd ever use the SRS one. Also, I'd double check with the seller to see if they're including the adapter cable that is in the picture. The Peake tools usually go into the round port under the hood, but if your car doesn't have one (like my 01 X5), you'll need what's called an AB03 adapter that converts the round plug to an OBDII type of plug. I just made my own since I didn't want to spend like $80 for a cable. If you change your mind, let me know.
Thanks again buddy for the advice I will go for the FCX then. The 323 has the round port but I would still like building the cable in case I need it later for another bimmer. Do you have the wiring diagram from round port to OBD2 port?
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