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And some BP stats:

Market capitalisation $181 billion (at 31 Dec 2009)
Sales & Other operating revenue1 $239 billion (at 31 Dec 2009)
Capital employed2 $136.7 billion (at 31 Dec 2009)
Replacement cost profit3 $14.0 billion (year 2009)
Number of employees 80300
In business since4 Amoco 1889
ARCO 1866
BP 1909 (first oil discovered in 1908)
BP Amoco 1998
Proved reserves5 18.3 billion barrels of oil equivalent
Refining throughput 2.3 million barrels per day (year 2009)
Daily refined product sales 5.9 million barrels (year 2009)
Service stations6 22400
Wholesale/retail product marketing Active in over 80 countries
Exploration and production Active in 30 countries
Refineries (in which BP has an interest) 16
Community expenditure $106.8 million

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